Hi there!I'm Peter and I am ...

mostly front-end developer

I know angular, reactjs, twig, es6, webpack, css3, bem and some other fancy words.

also a back-end developer

A friend of my cousin has tried once symfony, drupal, wordpress,
php, nodejs, rest api
and some other stuff. I guess I could do that as well!

little bit a designer

Aren’t we all? Every one has an artist inside him and could create
a webdesign, flyers,logos or brochures and other arty things...

I like ...


They are what motivates me to go further and get better. To learn or try something new every day and eventually become good at it. Doesn't matter whether it is in the 'geek' world, sport or something else. Good thing I am so competitive.

At the moment my biggest challenges are Angular, Symfony 4 and the triathlon.

Clean code

Coding isn't just how sparkling it is from outside, but also how big headache the next developer will get when he looks inside the source code.

So I prefer to spend more time and have nice clean and organized project with some comments rather than spaghetti code.

Burgers & beer

But it's not all about sitting behing the computer and code the whole day and night. I like to enjoy my life and what's better than a burger and pint of a beer after good day of work.

Or to get out from the city and enjoy the countryside on the bike or mountains on the skis.

So if you like to ...

get in touch, work together or just say a Hi,
you can do it via an email. You can also check my code on my github, some of my amazing ideas on medium. And in the case you like social networks or you are just a stalker, I have a facebook page, twitter, a CV on linkedIn and few photos on the instagram.