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About me

Who I am, what I do, what I don't do

I'am Peter, 26 years old front-end developer from Slovakia currently living in France. I kind of fell in love with all those lines of incomprehensible symbols, which create all these beautiful websites. I think, it was around age of 14. And if I remember well, in the same age I've started my career as a "graphic designer" in school newspaper. I bet nobody would've thought I could do it in real life. Me neither!

If you've imagined me as a real geek, sitting all day behind his computer... you're wrong. Actually I do spent most of the day working with my computer, but I have my personal life as well.

On the one hand I have a good logical thinking, which helps me within those geeky lines of codes. But on the other hand, my strong aesthetic feeling is there when I open photoshop. The beauty of my works is purity and simplicity. To each of my project I add a piece of me and my and clients personality.

This and much more makes me a good webdesigner.

So what I do

Print designer
SEO specialist
Komunikácia s tvorcom stránky bola a je na dobrej úrovni, je tu ochota riešiť naše požiadavky, ako aj ochota pretvárať naše predstavy do reálnej podoby v podaní viacerých návrhov, z ktorých je možnosť si vybrať ten "pravý".

Jana Šikulová, Dog Rescue Slovakia

My attitudes as a



My projects consist of different ingredients and each of them has a special place and character. However spirit, the personality, of my work is one of the most important. Each project represents company or person behind. Firstly, I try to get to know the character and expectation of person I work with. Secondly, the communication between us and understanding the ideas which are expected from me and my work. And just then I can start to think about design and functionality. The result is a unique design, which reflects personality, with my signature.



My brain thinks in the binary system, instead of colors I see hexadecimal codes and my decisions are true or false, nothing between. And to keep up with modern technologies and different possibilities, I don't want to and will not stop educating. There will still be some new frameworks, better patterns or faster algorithms, which can make website or application running better and, of course, offer more.



Design is everywhere around us, design sells, design is important. I try to reach this with emphases on details and simplicity. Because details make the difference and simplicity and purity help to create long-lasting and innovative design. And this leads to product which connects art and usefulness.