On the board of the best plane

Definitely my most favorite project of 2016! A simple website in the beginning, a real web application at the end. It all started as a small website with content and a description of the plane, but the results is website, which all medias have been talking about.

As a front-end I have in charge on developing an application based on React.js and Flux, which communicates by the Rest Api with back-end based on Symfony framework. This application allow users to search flights with their favorite airplane – Airbus A380 to their favorite destinations.

This project is one of the many for our client Airbus I’ve been participated. X-Prime Groupe has developed projects like a ilovea380.com, the first website presenting advantages of travel in this plane. Also a websites to presents events of introducing A380 or A350 for different airline.

developed in X-Prime Groupe